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When I was a kid growing up, my parents played music from the 1960s.  In some sense I was lucky that much of it was by great artists that pioneered rock and roll.  For some reason, the Beatles never really stuck with me – sure they have some great songs, but I was never hooked like my friends Doug and Wayne (both are still hooked today).  For me, somehow it was Bob Dylan.  I can’t count how many Dylan CDs I own but if you ask Paula it is at least 30 more than we have room for (and as the kids point out, who has CDs anymore?).

My first live concert was our high school Battle of the Bands – I remember being with Rich in the front row right next to a huge Marshall amplifier.  My first big concert was Neil Young at Exhibition Place in Toronto around 1984.  I know I saw him several times there with my friend Jim.

I don’t go to concerts anymore because my hearing is shot, I don’t like big crowds, and they usually don’t even start until after my bedtime.  So when I crossed paths with this link to a very special Dylan concert I couldn’t help but be envious of this audience.  Click here to see it on YouTube.



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