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It’s easy to sound like an expert by using the latest actuarial jargon, but if your consultant can’t understand your business and identify what you really need, they won’t make much of an impact where it counts.

Our consultants have a drive to thoroughly understand your business, what matters most to you and the objectives of your sponsored plans. From this understanding we develop a strong relationship and an open-dialogue with our clients. This is especially important when it comes to discussing the ever-changing pension environment. Part of our commitment to you is to continuously monitor these changes so that you can make use of opportunities and prepare for challenges. We consult on all aspects of defined benefit pension plans including on-going plan management, risk tolerance measurement and audit of existing programs. Some of the most pressing concerns for defined benefit pension plan sponsors are:

Plan Design and Plan Governance

Governance starts with defining expectations within a framework of authority, direction, and accountability. The purpose of governance is to employ best practices and to meet fiduciary responsibilities. Actuarial Solutions provides ongoing customized governance support to pension committees, plan sponsors and boards of trustees.

Plan Design is to review and amend a pension plan document to ensure that it is providing the desired pension benefits to plan members. While we do not provide legal advice, we are able to assist plan sponsors in reviewing plan documents and drafting a plan amendment to ensure that the pension plan is delivering intended benefits.

For more information on plan governance click here and for more information on plan design click here.

Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution Conversion

Before any transition, it is important to consider your objectives in providing retirement benefits and decide if moving from defined benefit to defined contribution will meet those objectives. We have many years of experience helping plan sponsors understand and analyze the impact of transition on member benefits.

For more information on DB to DC conversion click here.

Plan Wind Up.

A wind-up of a pension plan involves the termination of the plan and the distribution of the assets in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations. A pension plan wind-up can happen for a number of reasons including reorganization or downsizing. Regardless of the reason there are many considerations plan sponsors must review to determine if and when a wind-up is appropriate. Our consultants can help you go through the process of determining if and when a plan wind-up is right for you.

Once a decision has been made to wind-up a pension plan, then our actuarial and pension administration teams will guide the plan sponsor through the process in an efficient and effective manner.

For more information on plan wind-up click here.

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