Hide and Seek with Financial Consequences

Unlocated pension plan members have long been a problem for virtually every pension plan and unfortunately this problem will...

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Genetic Testing and the Right to Privacy

On July 10, 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada delivered its ruling that the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, passed by...

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Mid-Year Update and the Case for an Early Valuation

For sponsors of defined benefit pension plans, the first half of 2020 has been interesting, to say the least. ...

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Population Aging and Investing

Some of my readers like my submissions that are industry focused: commuted values, saving for retirement, etc.  Other readers...

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Read What Other People Have To Say

  • Rob Meijer | General Manager
    Our move to ASI a few years ago, frankly started out as a value proposition. However, the real strength, as we’ve found out over time, is the service approach. We get responses on a timely basis and, as importantly, we get communication in a form that is understandable to us non-actuaries. I know that is a model that ASI established but I’d like to point out that both Jason and Dean, as well as your admin staff follow that lead very well.
    Rob Meijer | General Manager
    Jervis B. Webb
  • Janet Knight | Chief Financial Officer
    Thanks again for presenting the results of the actuarial valuation to our Board – the Board was impressed with both the quality of your presentation and ability to convey information to them in a way they could easily comprehend and wanted to extend their appreciation to you.  
    Janet Knight | Chief Financial Officer
    Hamilton Port Authority
  • Dorothy Brennan | Vice President, Human Resources
    I wanted to thank you and your team at Actuarial Solutions again for all your efforts on transitioning from our previous Actuary and preparing the comprehensive Actuarial Valuations for CGT’s OPEB and Pension Guarantee plans. Your professionalism, attention to detail and exceptional customer service is greatly appreciated by the team at CGT. I also wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to walk me through the valuation process in layman’s terms so that I am in a much better position to focus on how CGT may impact the cost to the Company of these plans, especially during our upcoming CLA negotiations.
    Dorothy Brennan | Vice President, Human Resources
    Canadian General-Tower Limited
  • Garett Lobo | Controller
    Actuarial Solutions provides great service. They are professional, efficient, well organized and always meet their deliverable dates. I highly recommend their services.  
    Garett Lobo | Controller
    SM Cyclo of Canada, Ltd.
  • Sandeep Dhillon | President and CFO
    We switched from a multinational service provider to Actuarial Solutions Inc. The level of our service increased immediately and our fees are more reasonable. The ASI team does what they say and says what they do. The one thing that our management team has noticed is how responsive folks from ASI are to our requests. All services are provided on a timely basis and upon an agreed upon schedule. They are very proactive in planning the work to be done for our company and provide us with the appropriate guidance on a timely basis. For a bunch of actuaries, they are pretty fun people. You can see that they enjoy what they do and are very good at it.  
    Sandeep Dhillon | President and CFO
    Infra Pipe Solutions Ltd.
  • Tomasz Cudzich | Accounting Manager
    Working with Actuarial Solutions was extremely valuable and has helped us immensely with all tasks associated with our pension plan. Through the process, we were able to develop a comprehensive and detailed understanding of all processes and developments related to our plan.
    Tomasz Cudzich | Accounting Manager
    St. Stanislaus - St. Casimir's Polish Parishes Credit Union
  • Chris Hauerwas | Benefits Analyst
    ASI provides excellent and timely support. Their expertise in Canada/Ontario processes and regulations is very helpful.
  • Elizabeth Horlock | Director, Human Resources
    We relied heavily on the expertise of ASI over the past year, as we revised the DB and DC components of our pension plan. At all times, the advice was comprehensive and well considered.
    It was extremely helpful to receive insights and suggestions based on both knowing our goals and the best practices of pension plan administration and management. All of the activities were completed on time as promised and through excellent collaboration with other experts (such as lawyers).
    Elizabeth Horlock | Director, Human Resources
    College of Nurses of Ontario

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Actuarial Solutions attracts the brightest industry professionals seeking challenging work. We boast a talented team who are subject-matter experts within the pension industry. Our consultants are published in business journals, serve on professional committees and speak at industry events. We are passionate about the work that we do and the clients that we serve.

Jason Vary


Jason Vary, President of Actuarial Solutions Inc., has practiced in defined benefit pension and retiree health plans for twenty years. He has experience with many plan designs including single-employer, multi-employer, private sector, government, unionized, non-unionized, as well as registered and non-registered executive plans.

Dean Newell


Dean Newell is a Vice President of Actuarial Solutions Inc. and manages ASI’s actuarial practice. Dean performs valuations for pension and post-retirement benefit plans for the purpose of funding, accounting, and plan wind-up. In addition, he has experience consulting with plan sponsors on matters affecting pension and post-retirement benefit plans, including plan design, plan conversion, benefit improvement costing, legislative compliance, plan documentation, plan administration, and risk management.

Joe Nunes


Joseph Nunes, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Actuarial Solutions Inc, has practiced in the area of pensions and retiree health plans for over 30 years. He has experience with many types of plans including single-employer, multi-employer, private sector, government, unionized, non-unionized, as well as registered and non-registered executive plans.


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