Vision and Values

Actuarial Solutions is focused on providing understanding, control and strategy to plan sponsors of defined benefit plans


Our consultants combine their experience as educators with an in-depth knowledge of the pension industry to serve our clients better. It starts with a deep dive on the issues of most importance to you, to develop a clear understanding of the key factors driving your plan, and provide guidance on managing your plan. Our consultants have expertise on educating and working with clients using clear and concise language. We know that the work we do is necessarily complex and we ensure that our clients have a good understanding of the information they need to manage their plans effectively.


We can ensure our clients have complete control over their plan. This means that our clients are confident in the decision they make, the work that needs to be done and the timing of these actions. Our fees are budgeted in advance and billed regularly. Each calendar year operates on a pre-set work plan so that there are no surprises.  Plan sponsors no longer have to worry about unexpected timing of actions, unexpected invoices or confusion of the direction of plan management.


Clients that fully understand their plan and take control over its operation are ideally positioned to make strategic decisions. Our consultants want to help all clients reach this level of clarity. Understanding the challenges your plan may face, as well as which strategies you can employ to lessen these challenges, is central to your organization’s ability to meet its human resource and financial goals. We ensure that when plan sponsors make changes to their programs, they are doing so with a clear vision of the end goal and the necessary actions and timing it takes to get there.