Audit Support

We provide dedicated audit support

We provide audit support services to a number of audit firms for single-employer defined benefit pension and retiree health plans, large and small.

The financial statements of many organizations include liabilities (and sometimes assets) relating to obligations arising in the future, such as pension and retiree health promises.  The value for these obligations is most often determined by an actuary using methods and assumptions which are ‘within the range of accepted actuarial practice in Canada’.  As a result of our independence, ASI can act as a reviewer of actuarial work prepared by other actuaries.  In these assignments, ASI is most often engaged by auditors in order to clearly demonstrate that the advice being provided to the auditor is not influenced by management.  Our team is comprised of highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals with extensive experience providing audit support services for public and private sector pension and retiree health plans.

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