A Valentine’s Day Gift

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2014-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day

A Valentine’s Day Gift

Yesterday the Canadian Institute of Actuaries published the final versions of the new mortality tables which have been in the works for several years.  At times, the delays in this work have been frustrating and embarrassing for the profession — but that is behind us now.

Much of what we know about these tables was outlined in our January and November client memos published last year.  The new tables are slightly different than the draft tables previously published.  However, we are not planning a third client memo on this subject but rather are focused on directly communicating with sponsors on the actual impact to their plan.  Clients can expect to hear from us as we prepare valuation work for them.  Clients with questions or concerns are welcome to call us to discuss this in greater detail.



Joe Nunes
Joe Nunes
Joseph Nunes, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Actuarial Solutions Inc., has practiced in the area of pensions and retiree health plans for over 30 years. He has experience with many types of plans including single-employer, multi-employer, private sector, government, unionized, non-unionized, as well as registered and non-registered executive plans.

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    Joe, this is so romantic!

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